Henry and Leon Credit: WBAL TV

Did you know there are more innocent people in our jails and prisons today than ever before. The rate of exonerations continues to rise, revealing an unreliable system of criminal justice. …

What We Know

Since this is an on going case the information in this article my not be up to date

Source: The Boston Globe

A Mother’s Long Road

Crystal Sorey has been walking a long and difficult road due to addiction, which ultimately cost her the custody of two children.

Now living sober, she is ready to…

A Look Back On The Keddie Murders

Source: AllThingsIntresting.com

In July of 1979, Glenna Susan Sharp, better known to her friends and family as Sue, along with her five children, left her home in Connecticut after separating from her abusive husband, James Sharp.

She decided to relocate to northern California, where her…

The Robinson Family. Source: NY Daily News

Often with cold or unsolved cases the years go by without answers and become further away from the public’s mind. Which, is why it’s important to continue the conversation and keep the information about this in the public’s eye. …

The Tragic Death of Fan Man-yee

BEWARE! This story contains disterbing content as well as photographs. Read/view at your own discretion!

Pictured Fan Man-yee. Source: Allthingsintresting.com

May 1999, fourteen year old, whose name has been changed to Melody, walked into Tsim Sha Tsui police station in Hong Kong, telling them that a young woman’s ghost…

The Story of Christine Falling

Falling in court. Source: New York Daily News

On February 25, 1980 the Johnson family needed a babysitter for their then 2 year old daughter Cassidy. There were conflicting reports on wether Cassidy’s parents were going to work or going out on a date but whatever the case they needed someone to watch…

Marcus Wesson Credit: ABC News

During 2004 and 2005, Americans were fixated on Scott Peterson’s murder of his wife and unborn son. News channels reported breathlessly on the smallest developments in the investigation and trial, and scrutinized Mr. Peterson, his mistress Amber Frey, and the lawyers’ performances.

But the national media had virtually ignored another…

Twenty-one-year-old model and actress Rebecca Schaeffer was well on her way to becoming a star. By 1989, she had already appeared in several movies and TV shows. The show that launched her career was a sitcom called “My Sister Sam.”

In that show she played a spunky teen who goes…

Brandon Swanson graduated from Marshall High School located in southwestern Minnesota in 2007. As a fresh graduate Brandon was ready to start his new chapter in life. He chose to study wind turbines for a year at the Minnesota West Community and Technical College in Canby, Minnesota.

Classes at Minnesota…

The Rise of Jack The Stripper

Sketch of possible suspects (liverpoolecho.co.uk)

On the morning of June 17, 1959, during a patrol of Duke Meadows, an area with the rather crude nickname of “Gobblers’ Gulch”, police discovered the dead body of 21-year-old Elizabeth Figg.

Elizabeth Figg, also known as Ann Phillips, was found with her body…

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